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My First Blog Post

Half of fun in travel is in the aesthetic of lostness.

‘Foot prints on map’ an attempt to document the journey of two crazy people, always on toes, to seek offbeat places, get soaked in different culture, spread love ,smile, and create memories and friends all over the world.

Memories are driving force for human emotion, our brain forgets happy moments but sad ones keep haunting us for days, months, and years. Hence all happy and crazy moments are carefully captured and preserved.

A little about us.

we leaving our Foots prints on places we travel, is a myth. Places we travel, imprints its flavor in us! More we go around, more we explore ourselves, we get better as individuals! Sneha and Avinash, we met seven years ago, traveled to a couple of places! Realized travelling brings out the best in us. Hence with great gusto and passion we continued to do so!

Well, I’m not a writer, but i decided to document my travel , because its always great to look back and sail in the sea of memories. The ups, the downs , the thrilling moments, that feel, when we complete a day long trek and stretch arms to pure mountain breeze, or find a beach for ourselves on a random evening!

I’ll share photos, video and stories from the places I visit and the cultures I explore. I’ll post tips & tricks to help you travel better and cheaper. Hope to inspire you to travel more often.

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