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Footprints on the Map

Exceptional experiences stored.

‘Foot prints on map’ an attempt to document the journey of two crazy people, always on toes, to seek offbeat places, get soaked in different culture, spread love ,smile, and create memories and friends all over the world.

Memories are driving force for human emotion, our brain forgets happy moments but sad ones keep haunting us for days, months, and years. Hence all happy and crazy moments are carefully captured and preserved.


A border village, where the sterling Umngot River, leaves mountains and graciously flow on the plane just before it enters Bangladesh.


Madhuri Lake

Shungestar is another spectacular natural wonder you wouldn’t want to miss!

Bum La pass and Shungestar Lake

A few moments never leave memory!

Sometimes it is people we meet , sometimes it is the history of the place, sometimes it is just the feeling of being together.

Dochu La pass

Dochula looks the best in Zero visibility


View of Kanchengunja with morning coffee is not a bad idea at all.