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Krangshuri Falls

It was 4:30 pm , sun was about to set. We reached our destination Jowai, (paradise adventure camp ) and to our shock, it was over booked! 😦 Heated arguments, booking confirmation mails, nothing worked out. 😦

We had no accommodation or food for the day, and it was already dark. All four kids has lost their cool. They were very sad, that they have to get into the vehicle again. 😦

So we asked the owner, if he knows some place around, where we can just spend a night and cont. our journey. Last option was to park the tempo rite there and sleep in the vehicle. At least we could use the loo in that hotel. 🙄

Basically we chose this place to stay, as we had planned to go to Phe Phe falls (500m) and Krangsuri falls (10 km) the next day.

So he suggested, we to go to Krangshuri falls tent accommodation. I was skeptical about the tent accommodation which is bang on falls, with infants around 😦 It looked like, we would lose that one too if we delayed. So we left the place, only after we got confirmation about the accommodation. 30 minutes from there, the driver stopped the vehicle in a absolutely dark place and said,” This is the Krangshuri parking lot, you will have to trek from here, just about 15 min route”!!! 😮
Avi and Vishu got down, and went to check, if we have reached the right place? An old man there guided them, showing the light pole towards right at a distance, He said, ” walk till that light, you will find the way” 😕 . (this was the second time we had got this kind of directions.) Chilling cold, and with no clue, Avi and Vishu started walking towards the light.

Meanwhile, We had also asked, if someone from the hotel can come and help with our luggage. so we started to pack our day bags. Four people came from the hotel, but from a different direction, ( not the direction Avi went searching the hotel.) we were dumbfounded! After waiting for 5-10 minutes, we were thinking of sending someone to look for Avi and Vishu. But then, we saw a pale torchlight, walking towards us 🙂 they came back as they could not see anything that side. Thank god they gave up and came back.

There was no light, we held our mobile phone torches and started walking towards the falls. There are no symmetric steps, light poles here and there, its was pretty steep trek, like you could feel your knees. With backpacks, kids and senior citizens in the group, it was a bit of adventure I should say. 😕

Crawling through darkness, 15 min and we reached a place. Phew!

It was just 6.15 pm but we were totally out of energy. As a pleasant surprise! 🙂 we met bag packers Sagar and Samhitha who were also from Bangalore <3.

Lavandory ❤ (owner of the place), gave us special lemongrass tea.

I do not know if its the tea- biscuits or thrill that, we met people from our place. we sprang back to energy in a few minutes. We had the best time with them, singing songs, chit chat, stories, what not? peace prevailed in that place only after we had our dinner and walked towards the tent.

Travel tip ⭐ Lavandory makes fantastic Lemongrass tea, food was also good, very nominal price.

It was around 9 pm. (midnight of northeast people 🙂 ) we had got 4 tents. we dumped all luggage in one tent and divided ourselves into 3 tents. When everyone almost slept, me and Avi came out of the tent with the camera. ⭐<3 Star studded sky was looking beautiful, that is the beauty of remote places, far from traffic, smoke and people 🙂 we tried and switched off all lights possible, to get best view. we spent around 2 hours clicking pictures. one light which was across the falls was distructing our star trail.

The experience of star studded pitch dark sky, not many kids of this generation have experienced. 😦 Avi wanted to get a star trail, I wanted to get some sleep, so I quietly crawled inside the tent.

The path star walked when we were asleep 😉

Next morning we woke up to bliss!

They have constructed a narrow walkway across the stream, it was a delight to kids. Water was shallow so we gave a free hand to kids. From around 6:15 am for almost 2 hours we had the place for ourselves. water looks still to the left side of the bridge, where we got a glimpse of what we can expect in the famous Dawki :).

The shallow water bridge ❤

To the right side of the bridge, water glides down to make Krangsuri falls and a crystal clear natural swimming below.

There are well maintained changing rooms and toilets in the place. So you need not think twice before you jump into the natural swimming pool. 10 am is when the place gets opened up to public. It is an awesome idea to stay in Tent accommodation, to enjoy the place in tranquil.

Amma enjoyed meditation while Vishu was trying to put prabhav back to sleep.

There are three view points on to the left side of the falls, another one to the right side. (which can be reached crossing the bridge.) third one needs little trek to be done.

we all were hungry and ordered Maggie and tea. Sagar and Samhitha were already part of our group so they accompanied us for breakfast. Little open space in front of the restaurant was the only place we could leave kids to play around.

Post breakfast we all went to swimming in the natural pool. there are life jackets available for rent, at rs 50/-. The rock forms a cave kind of structure, and you actually can sit behind the water fall curtain 🙂 we sad on a rock and covered by waterfall, and enjoyed the place for more than 90 minutes. As it started getting crowded, we decided to leave the place. ❤

Thinking about how, not getting accommodation in ‘paradise adventure camp’, turned out to be a blessing in disguise ❤ ❤ . If you miss something in life its because yoyu are destined for something better.

after a cozy lunch, we packed our stuff to continue our journey.

There are two routes to get to krangsuri falls, both has parking lots. old one is little steep, with no symmetric steps, but shorter route ( say 10 min trek), New one is neat symmetric steps, not steep but longer (20 min trek). Beautiful view of kransuri falls can be seen from the new route.

For best experience with krangsuri falls, one should stay in those tents. Krangsuri!! i am gonna miss you bad. 😦

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