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West of North east

Day 1

It was a 15 daylong travel planned to cover little bit of westren part of Arunachal and Meghalaya. we were 6 adults and 4 kids including 2 infants. Both places being two extremes with respect to weather, we had to pack, clothes to keep ourselves warm for Arunachal and summer trip, kind of packing for Meghalaya. We happily carried a lot of luggage, food and camera equipment , as we had a tempo traveller rented for all 15 days. Very less option for eating if you are a vegetarian,else nothing to worry.

our flight from Bangalore was at 7 am, as we reached Guwhati, Bharath (driver of the rented vehicle) met us at the parking lot. it was very sunny ,so we just dumped in, all the luggage into the vehicle, and quickly settled in the vehicle to escape sun. Hungry us landed in ‘Saatvik veg restaurant’. yeah! its a Decent place for lunch, we also got nice lemon soda in the waiting time, which pumped in a little energy to pose for a pic.

it was crazy traffic in Guwhathi, hence we decided to walk to Alfresco cruise parking lot, rather than waiting in hot sun, for driver to pick us up. cruise was at 4:30, and reporting time for cruise, is generally 30 min before cruise time. We had 2 hours for cruise and no where to go, so we played in this random park for sometime

Lachit Borphukan Statue In Brahmaputra

Lachit was the son of Commander-in-Chief of the Ahom army under Prataap Singha. King selected Lachit Borphukan to lead the forces of the Kingdom of Ahom to liberate Guwahati from Mughal-occupation. Cruise goes around this monumental sculpture , which was installed in the river, in 2010.


Evening cruise was a delight for us, cool breeze, orange sunset, hot ginger tea, what not? The fierce water, which looked still compensated the hot noon. Cruise costs 400 per person (only if you want upper deck which is open, 300 per person for other seats inside the cruise. we need to book before 2-3 hours if you have seat preferences. there is dinner cruise as as well. Variety of food available on cruise. Be sure to ask for seats in the edge of the deck for best experience.

Naughy pranav photo bombing

There was live music on the cruise and whole time they played old hindi songs, which made Appa really happy, Amma spent her time in videography.

and a few mandatory pics,

After the cruise, it took us 35 minutes to reach our stay, which was just 5 km away. 😦 we stayed at Attica living spaces in paltan bazar, house is in central market, spacious with all amenities. we walked along streets of Guwhathi market, Omg! fish is the staple food here, street was stinking fish chops. we had no option but fruits, and bread. A yummy watermelon saved our day.

Attica living spaces, Guwhathi

Kids enjoyed playing and adults were waiting to crash on bed! By end of day one, we had got a fair idea about, 15 day long tour with 4 kids! 🙂 🙂

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