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Tawang monastery and War memorial

Day 6 A fresh day in Tawang. Host had prepared chow-men which was super yummy. Last night, we had given her lecture about, what is considered to be vegetarian and what is not. So she literally called us up, to show all the ingredients she wanted to use, before staring to cook. Tawang Galdan NamgyeContinue reading “Tawang monastery and War memorial”

Bum La pass and Shungestar Lake

Day 5 The day began, with Avi waking me up, wishing me Happy birthday. 🙂 It seldom happens, that we are awake and kids are asleep! so quietly, we ran to the balcony, to see the sunrise. Next few minutes, we just enjoyed the quiet time and the change of colors! Cold breeze descends toContinue reading “Bum La pass and Shungestar Lake”